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Business Facilitation



Al Tsalach is a hands-on partner for your business. An important aspect of the services we provide is business facilitation – the nurturing of your business towards faster, higher, more consistent growth. This includes active involvement and energies towards Human Resources, Training, Market Research, Business Networking, Procurement and Sourcing, and Project management, among other allied services.

Industry Efficiency

Al tsalach supports organizations with their market entry and business development activities into multiple geographies. Business facilitation ranges from market entry, marketing, pre-sales, franchising, JV and partner recruitment to firm setup and operations

Strategy including Marketing and Operations

We provides end-to-end practical support, helping organizations identify market opportunities, develop news sales leads and local partners, hire staff and build stable and efficiently run local operations.


Only qualified professionals work in our team

Research and Analysis

There are many challenges on the path to market entry into a new geography. This includes finding good partners who know the local market well, are completely acquainted with procedural issues and are hungry for growth.

Strategy and Tactical Planning

Additionally, identifying the target market, contacting appropriate agents and distributors, promotion of products and services etc. are key hurdles to clear before success is achieved.


How does a small medium business (SMB) do this with managed risk and high return on investment? Al Tsalach has created a shared model to help SMBs. We offer flexible solutions including part person effort for assignments.

Professional Experience

For new geography entry, Al Tsalach takes care of all local financial, compliance, operational and HR requirements, our customers can thus focus on what it is they are good at and are more likely succeed as a result. Based on our customer needs we put together a team consisting of both sector and service experts, ensuring that we execute to succeed.

Al Tsalach Expertice

Monitoring and Controlling

The framework of our services helps achieve standardization of process and systems for our customers. They benefit from well delivered venture validation, identification and due diligence (partners, distributors and suppliers), local representation (sales, marketing and business development), incorporation (advice, structuring and delivery), advisorIy (financial, tax, and inward ivestment), staff recruitment and HR advisory (employment & labor law), accounting, payroll and xpense management, compliance management and even serviced offices.

The third challenge is to take into consideration the business version and the means customers are empowered as well as augmented by supplying data to people in different levels of an organization. Offering information in an easy to use manner will inevitably raise both understandings sharing as well as customer performance assisting companies to function a lot more effective.


We help our clients to fulfill or to achieve their development plans or ambitions in the social, culturel, economic and many more.

You may be contemplating professionalising your business for any number of reasons, including: to achieve best practice status and benefits; to obtain additional finance; to increase its value in readiness for a sale or major restructure; as part of a succession process; or to increase competitiveness – for survival and/or profit.

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Perhaps one of the most powerful learnings we’ve acquired over the years is that many issues don’t need to be “resolved” – they just need to be taken apart; examined as bite-sized chunks; considered from a problem solving / solution design perspective, and then put back together again in a better and more workable format.

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We contrast this with corporatising the business, which converts larger businesses into corporations, and often involves a public listing. In the process the business loses most, if not all of its unique character and soul.

Al Tsalach / Vision

Visions and Goal Setting

Visioning is the process of identifying individual and collective values and goals, and using them to help a group of people create “a vision” of where they want to be, and what they want to have achieved, at some time in the future. This creative and often emotional journey of the mind and spirit is ultimately used to provide a solid foundation for very practical strategy and business plans.

It's time to stop talking and start acting to make change.

Best Regards, William Holdbeer

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Please contact us any time you have any issue or question. We would be happy to help you.

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